FMS Corrections using the MYOFORCE Versus

The Versus Hip Sequence is a multi faceted exercise that was designed to help correct many dysfunctional movements and positions. If you see the dysfunctions listed below during your FMS screenings try this exercise and then retest the movement pattern.

Purpose of the Versus Hip Sequence:

To engage the glute medius/minimus and then activate the hamstrings/calves, glutes, paraspinals and core. By activating those muscles and maxing out the end range hip extension you will shut down the hip flexors by way of reciprocal inhibition. As you progress in repetitions you should increase your range of motion with hip extension. After the desired repetitions you can perform unilateral hip extensions either with your hips abducted or with the hips in line with your knees and feet. Due to the pulley system on the Versus the unilateral hip extension forces core stabilization by way of resisting the pelvic dip on the extended hip side.

Deep Squat

- Lateral weight shift of the lower body

- Pelvic rotation

Hurdle Step

- Hip abduction when hip flexes

- Torso lateral flexing

- Pelvic rotation upon return of the flexed leg

- Relative adduction of hip on the stance leg

In Line Lunge

- Frontal plane instability

- Forward flexion of torso

Rotary stability

- Pelvic rotation at hip extension

- Relative adduction of hip on stabilizing leg

- Loss of balance

Please check out our video for proper execution of these corrective exercises.

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Blast into Summer


Perform Better Summit Part 2


MYOFORCE VERSUS Push Up Progression


One Arm Press Variations


No longer just a CHORE…your winter WORKOUT is…


And if you live anywhere near us you’ve been doing A TON OF IT!
Who needs the gym when you have 2 feet of snow right outside your doorstep?
Just 15 minutes of this moderate to intense physical activity and you are good to go!

Ever feel sore after “clearing the driveway”? This is because shoveling can require pushing, lifting, lunging and rotating all at the same time! That’s more than some of us do at the gym on any given day.

Be aware that while shoveling can be a great workout for some of us, it can be a bit much for others! Take to shoveling just like you would a workout.
You wouldn’t run into the gym and complete your big lifts heavy right away, would you?

Remember to take the time to warm up, start slow and fill only half your shovel.
Be sure to bed at your knees with a flat back and lift with your LEGS, not your BACK!
Switch arms every 5 shovels to keep your body balanced.

And last but not least, ENJOY YOUR SNOW DAY!


MYOFORCE Versus Suspended T- Pushup


MYOFORCE Versus Single Leg Stance with Flutter

In addition to evaluating our clients static posture, we also take a look at their movement patterns.

Are they fully functional?

If not, how can we get them there?

If so, how can we keep them there?

This video is a progression to the Single Leg Stance with Core Activation from the Functional Movement Screen. To perform this exercise simply attach your Versus in a doorway or at a high wall attachment as you hold on to the handles.  Stand vertical with arms a few inches in front of your hips, maintain tension down and back with straight arms.  Pick up one knee, while maintaining a tall spine and begin performing arm flutters with constant tension on the cables.

This exercise is great for working on client’s single leg stance as well as activating the core.  In addition the versus adds the component of self resistance and challenges client’s in multiple planes of motion.


Men’s Health and MYOFORCE Versus

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MYOFORCE at Performance University

Coach Nick Tumminello gives you his take on the MYOFORCE Versus.